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What are the Most Popular Souvenirs in Japan?

Popular Regional Souvenirs of Japan

The country of Japan has one of the oldest and most unique cultures in the world and thus its cultural artifacts are highly prized by travelers the world over. Things such as kimonos and noh masks are not just interesting for their own sake but also for the stories that they tell about the people one has met on their travels to the land of the rising sun.

However, these fascinating trinkets and artifacts vary greatly from region to region, with one of the most popular being the toy dolls of Kyoto. One of the most interesting types of dolls in Kyoto are the charming dolls that have been crafted in the same way for over 1000 years dating back to the Heian Period.

In the Ehime prefecture, a very popular item for tourists is the famous Imabari towel, known for its beautiful textures, colors and peculiar penchant of staggering water absorption.

Meanwhile, for all the foodies out there, one of the single best spots to head to is the beautiful northern isle of Hokkaido which is renowned for its biscuits, specifically the biscuits of the Shiroi Koibito company.

One of the reasons the Koibito factory treats are so popular is that they will custom design them anyway you please. Another key food spot is Osaka, which is a wonderful place to go for all manner of seafood but it bears a reputations, perhaps, most for octopus. Naturally you can’t really take freshly cooked octopus back with you from your trip as it would spoil too quickly, however, takoyaki, a specialty dish made from spherically rolled octopi, can be made quite easily with a takoyaki cooking kit which are sold aplenty in the region.

Regardless of where in Japan you travel to, the country has some of the best souvenirs the world has to offer.

Infographic/Poster Source: https://blog.homeaway.com.sg/japanese-souvenirs-list/


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