What do you need to know before getting a pet cockatoo?

Plan on getting a bird to join your intelligent, playful family, which can last for years. But before that, you have to know how much a cockatoo cost? The cockatoo has all these traits that you are looking for. They are intelligent, rascal, and curious birds. They are also affectionate birds and like to get closer to their owners. The cockatoo is a bird that demands a lot of time and attention. When you don’t give them what they want, they will pull their feathers, screech nonstop, and become rude. Before bringing any pet bird inside your home, you must learn something about them.


Their food needs a seed mix with sprouting seed supplements, vegetables, and fruits. It is considered the proper diet for your pet. Their food doesn’t only have to be nutritious, but you can add foraging ingredients too. Cockatoos are lively and fun, and it needs to match their diet to their characteristics. When they eat a balanced diet, they don’t need to have vitamins and minerals only if they are stressed. But when your cockatoo has a habit of destroying its calcium block, you can put it in its diet once a week.

Care for your bird

Cockatoos don’t need to bathe like other pet parrots. It is because they are clean and they are grooming themselves. Only their claws and beaks need trimming because it makes them uncomfortable. Also, you have to find stainless steel to handle their strong beak.

Traits and features

Since they are intelligent and emotional birds, they are also loyal and affectionate. They want a committed owner that likes to give them their full attention and take care of them. When you are not giving them your time, they will grow bored. They will start screaming and plucking their feathers which are nasty behaviors. These habits will be hard to remove. They are energetic, and they don’t always get along with kids. With their strong beak, it can hurt a little.

Buy a bigger cage

They have a specific size and shape for their cage. Ideally, you buy a rectangular enclosure to give enough space. You have to examine its security system before you buy it. Most cockatoos like their cage to be spacious because it gives them a place to put their perches and toys. Also, they like to climb, twist bars and break their joints in cages because they have strong beaks. You have to buy a snap-lock cage door to make it safe.

Cleaning and maintenance of their cage

Securing their cage to remain clean is essential. You can use paper to clean the pen as it is affordable and easy to use when cleaning. These are paper towels, newspaper, paper bags, and shredded paper that are best to use. You have to buy a cage with a grate over their bedding so they won’t touch their litter. Cleaning their water bowls and wiping their perches are the usual cage maintenance. All their toys and perches have to be clean every week. The same goes with their cage, and they have to clean it every month.

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