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What should be the Prescribed Limit for Anavar Cycles?

Anavar has been an extremely popular weight loss and bulking anabolic steroid used throughout the world. While prepared to assist patients suffering from extensive medical conditions or operations that have been bedridden for some time, which resulted in a loss of muscle tissue, bodybuilders and athletes across the world have turned to steroids. It would help boost muscle mass. It has been a fast acting steroid that would also be considered mild. Therefore, it does not affect the body with the same negative attributes as other steroids have been commonly associated with. Nonetheless, there have been different Anavar cycle lengths a user would require to be made aware of. It would depend on what they have been looking to accomplish with the steroid.

Anavar Cycles

It is also known as Oxandrolone. It has been one of the safest and mildest steroids used anywhere in the world. It does not cause the body to bulk up unnaturally or build bloated, puffy muscles in the manner that Dianabol does. This has been the major reason that make it favourite among athletes and others looking to put on lean muscle.

Dosage for Men’s Cycles

For someone who has been looking to stay on Anavar for longer than six weeks, he or she would have two options for their cycle length. Firstly, they could use a two weeks on, two weeks off approach and increase their dosage amount. In case, they want to boost muscle gain, it would be a good approach. Depending on the workout schedule along with what someone has been preparing for, the two weeks on and two weeks off cycle might not be what would work best for them. In such a scenario, they could stay on their first cycle for six weeks, go off Anavar for three to four weeks and then go back on.

How to Take Anavar

When first starting for a male, taking approximately 50 mg a day would be deemed best for the first cycle. This amount could be dropped in case the man is not using Anavar during a dieting or cutting phase, but has been taking it for some general muscle definition or weight loss. Nonetheless, 50 mg a day should be a good starting point. In case, they find they are bulking up too much, they could cut down the dosage.

For someone who has been looking to maintain or enhance their muscle mass during the dieting phase, they could increase their daily cycle of Anavar up to 80 mg a day. However, do not exceed a dosage of 100 mg a day. If they do, they would risk serious medical problems down the line.

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