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What Sort of Dog Should You Get for Your Family?

Inevitably, many families decide that they want to get a dog as a pet. Whether this decision is driven by the incessant moans of kids or the sentimentality of adults, choosing the right breed of dog for your home is very important. Indeed, there are many things to consider. Do you want a kid friendly dog? Will they need lots of grooming? Is a high or low energy dog better for your family?

Advice on Choosing the Right Dog Breed for Your Family

It is very important to get the right breed of dog, especially if you have kids. Making this decision should definitely not be taken lightly, as the wrong breed of dog can become very difficult to deal with in the wrong home and may even lead to them being taken to the local animal shelter. The last thing that any dog lover wants is to see animal shelters grow in population.

So, what should you seriously consider when getting a dog for the family? Consider the following advice:

  • The breed: Even though all dogs have their own personalities, there are distinct characteristics that can be traced through the breeds. The fact is that some dog breeds are known to get along better with young children than others, for example. If you have young kids, a companion dog or toy breed might be a better fit than a breed that needs strong boundaries and is independently minded. The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, for example, is on the larger end of the toy dog category, and has a playful personality, but still has plenty of energy for recreation and going outdoors.
  • Energy levels: Just like people, every dog has more or less energy. Believe it or not, Greyhounds, for all their speed and energy on the race track, are actually quite lazy dogs. In fact, many Greyhound owners report that if they didn’t actually take them outside for walks, the dogs would be more than happy to lie around on beds or couches. What you need to decide is how high energy your family is. Are you the kind of family that loves the outdoors, or are you more than happy to stay at home most nights? Some breeds have more energy levels than others, and it’s important to match it with your family, otherwise you could have behaviour problems.

So, should you invest in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet insurance or any other insurance policy for the dog that you bring into your family?

Why Pet Insurance?

The fact is that vet bills are not cheap and having a dog is a big responsibility. Even though some breeds are so-called “toy dogs,” no dog is a toy. They all need good care and attention and this also applies to health care. Investing in pet insurance cover just provides that extra peace of mind and minimises those vet bills. Just as you would buy health care and health insurance for your family, it also makes sense to invest for your dog, whatever breed you decide to buy.

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