When to do car wheel alignment and balancing?

It is common to hear about wheel alignment and balancing when overhauling or maintaining your car. But do you know the difference between them, when they should be done, and why are services so important?

The car alignment consists of placing the vehicle’s wheels at the exact angle, so that the axles are parallel in parallel. This will prevent the car from pulling to one side when in motion. With the correct wheel alignment, the car will drive in a perfect straight line, avoiding tire wear and even excessive fuel consumption. Not to mention the stability of the car and the safety of the driver and his passengers.

Gold Coast Auto Works, an auto repair shop and wheel alignment in Pompano Beach (Florida) points out that traveling on roads with many holes and ditches, or a simple car crash are also factors that can misalign the wheels. Gold Coast co-founder Marli Pinto says although it is recommended that the alignment service be done when the vehicle reaches 10,000 km, you should also go to a mechanic:

  1. If the steering wheel returns with difficulty after a curve or remains out of line on a straight line;
  2. Whether it is necessary to put a lot of effort behind the wheel to keep the car straight after a turn;
  3. If the set of tires is changed;
  4. When there is maintenance on the steering or suspension of the vehicle.

Balancing will be necessary when the vehicle vibrates. This excessive vibration occurs due to an imbalance between the set of wheels and tires. Thus, the service will consist of adjusting the weight of each wheel and its respective tire.

Even if there is no chatter, if there is a change or any repair is made to at least one tire, balance will be necessary. Correct balancing, in addition to correcting car jitters, will also prevent too much tire deterioration and problems with the vehicle’s braking capacity.

Although it is not mandatory to carry out the alignment and balancing services in the same maintenance, this is often necessary. Both services end up valuing the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.

At Gold Coast Auto Works, honesty and trust speak louder. Your highly trained team will detect what repairs are needed in your car and will perform the services competently, generating great results and the satisfaction of car owners!

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