Why are the 0800 numbers special?

Across the United Kingdom, business owners have strong a faith in the 0800 and 0808 numbers when they create a platform for a toll-free customer service for their client base. Regardless the size and operations of the businesses, the investors have trusted and paid for the toll-free numbers to offer support to their customers.

Here are some reasons why the 0800 numbers are still important and special—

  • In this highly competitive business scenario, companies focus on the customer-driven services, thus, they prefer to buy the memorable toll-free numbers. Here, customers can call anytime without paying a single penny but the companies, to whom they are calling, are charged for each inbound call.


  • Toll-free numbers like 0800 and 0808 numbers or helplines like the RBS contact number and so on are powerful CRM tools. Business organizations take the endeavor to invest on these numbers to strengthen the business relations among them and their potential customers.
  • The best part is that the numbers are memorable. Companies tend to buy the memorable numbers for their client base. This is a business action that they intentionally do to help the customers remember the numbers easily. This is one of an essential ways to win more customers and companies can easily develop a rapport with the existing and new buyers. The target buyers can easily give a call regarding the product inquiry or sales if the number is easily memorable.


  • Customers prefer to call in toll-free numbers as they don’t have to pay a single penny for calling the service providers. The companies having the toll-free numbers have to pay for each incoming call from the customers.
  • 0800 numbers have the call management qualities that help in improving customer service. The features include call forwarding, voice2mail, call recording, time of day routing, hunt groups, and more. These features ensure that each call will be answerd efficiently which is essential to winning customer’s faith and dependency on the service providers.


  • In the UK, toll-free numbers of businesses are status symbols. Customers get attracted to businesses with toll-free numbers as they find it huge and booming. In addition to that, they often get the chance of maintaining a long-term business relationship as customers find it convenient to give them a call without paying a single buck before, during and after business.
  • Toll-free and memorable numbers can even let a lazy customer give a call to the company as he/she can easily remember the digits. Also, those who are particular about calling as their bills might get extended avoid calling the service providers. But, when they get the chance to call the customer care for free, they can call up the service center to know the details or to place orders.


Finally, the memorable 0800 numbers increase the business reputation. Clients will think the business is huger than it actually is. Moreover, the numbers conceal the geographical location which is excellent for the businesses. They can easily cross over the geographical barriers and leverage their business easily.

Author’s Bio – Geoff owns a consultancy business and in his leisure, he writes on different business ideas and how technology influences commercial growth. Readers highly appreciate his informative articles.

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