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Why You Need Secure Cases For Your Film Crew

A film or television production crew can comprise of a lot of individuals, with even more equipment a possibility, depending on the type and length of the shoot. A film crew will always be under an extremely tight schedule and budget, looking for ways to maximise the output of the team and to make the most of their location. There are a number of reasons why it is vital that for all equipment used on a television or film production, to have safe and secure storage and transit cases that ensure peace of mind for the production team, especially if they are out on location filming.

Working to tight schedules and budgets means that you have to get things right first time, a lot of the time. Lugging heavy cases and worrying about damaging equipment should not be part of the agenda, so search for aluminium lightweight cases that can help your team travel with ease and keep things clean, secure, and ready to go when called upon. 

Expensive Equipment 

The first reason why a production team for film or television requires solid and secure cases for transportation and storage is because there is always expensive equipment involved in the process. There are a number of items that are likely to be required when out on location shooting a film, or for a TV shoot. These include video cameras, tripods, camera lights and other assorted lighting kits, camera lenses, microphones and boom poles, audio cables, headphones, light reflectors, shoulder mount rigs and batteries.

The bigger the production, the more equipment that is required, and you want to ensure that everything is available as and when it is needed, without any damage suffered from the weather or impacts during transit. 

Technical Expertise for Unforeseen Circumstances 

Purchasing bespoke aluminium cases for your equipment allows you to travel with everything that you might possibly need during a shoot. Sometimes there will be challenges on site, relating to light, the time of day or the weather, or a director might want to try a different approach in terms of equipment. In these instances the best crew will have everything needed, close to hand, secure and ready to go. 

Secure Transit for Location Shoots 

For those shoots that are out on location it might be the case that cast and crew are away filming for days, or weeks at a time. For projects such as these it is important to have a secure storage facility for the equipment. This works in two ways, offering secure cases for storage when production is halted, and sturdy, yet lightweight cases that can be easily moved during travel to and from location, and on-set from one part of a site to another.

Finding the right type of cases for film and television equipment will help your production run smoothly, on time and on budget. It allows a safety net that you know your staff have all of the correct equipment to hand, as and when they need it. Working out on location only works well if there are smooth processes in place and having aluminium cases to store and carry expensive equipment with ease allows you to shoot in dream locations that otherwise just would not be possible.

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